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D.C. Week, part 3.

More photos.

Day 2- Library of Congress, including the tunnel connecting the two buildings.

We were there for a lecture about the history of public libraries. We had to go back and forth between buildings, and going underground was easier than going outside and having to go through security each time! Also, we got to see staff working- transporting books and other materials.

Before the library, we stopped at Bartholdi Park,

It was a very pretty and peaceful spot for a break from all the walking we did!

Next was the U.S. Botanic Garden.

All kinds of beautiful flowers, including 2,000+ orchids!

I think this was my favorite plant. The Chenille Plant, Acalypha hispida.

Some of the many orchids!

A baby pineapple and papayas!

One thing I didn't post from the National Cathedral yesterday- this was in the gift shop. Yes, there is really a Darth Vader gargoyle!

One last thing I spotted on my walk- this was in the National Gallery Sculpture Garden.

Finally, on Friday night we met Katie and Paul at Zaytinya, a Greek/Mediteranean/Turkish mezze place. The food was so good. I had Turkish Delight ice cream for dessert!

I still have a bunch of random museum photos to post. I took over 300 pictures! They're all in my Facebook albums.



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Sep. 27th, 2015 08:51 pm (UTC)
The botanic garden looks great. Pineapples always look odd to me - I expect them to grow from trees like coconuts!
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