Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Decorating disaster!

I've been decorating for Christmas. I'm not done yet. I did something terrible today- I broke an ornament that had been in the family for 45+ years:

It was part of this set:

Mom and Dad bought it at the Garber department store (they're long gone!) in Staten Island a year before I was born. It's survived five moves in four states, and I broke it. I have a silly tradition of putting the Three Wise Men ornaments on the tree first. They're the first ornaments I remember from childhood. I am just crushed! The middle section of the ornament turned to powder. Italian glass ornaments are so fragile.

The trees are almost done, and I'm working on the toys next. Emma Louise has her new apron, sweater, Santa hat, and necklace on!

Dad added little Santa ornaments to his airplane/globe mobile:

Tags: christmas, family stuff, nostalgia attack!, toys!
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