Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Black Knight #2.

Just as good as part one. It explains more of what Dane did that made him run off and why the Uncanny Avengers are after him. These panels explain it all:

Oh, Dane.  I hope there's more going on than the Ebony Blade curse, and that things aren't all what they seem. I can't stand the thought of Dane being completely evil!

So the Uncanny Avengers, led by Dane's old friend, the now literally old Steve Rogers, arrive in Weirdworld and face nasty creatures that Dane throws at them. They want him to give up, but Dane warns them that a bigger battle is coming. At the end, they're all about to be attacked by weird looking astronaut monkeys! Dane's closing narration gives me hope that he's really not evil. "The Avengers can think I'm the bad guy all they want, but they're wrong. So if it takes a show of force to make them listen, then that's exactly what they'll get." I hope we get more details in #3! I can't wait for January.

We still don't know how Dane got to Weirdworld, and how the Avengers found him. The fact that the Blade has gotten stronger is touched on, and that Dane is obviously is becoming lost to it. There is still a bit of humor in the issue- such as Dane's amused disgust that Deadpool is now an Avenger! That's one thing that bugs me- Deadpool was a mercenary and a pretty vicious killer at times, and yet the Avengers seem to be fine with him. Dane kills a guy who was threatening to kill the whole team (and tried to kill Dane himself), and he's suddenly a pariah. URGH!
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