Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Minions for Christmas.

I assembled and decorated a Minions gingerbread house kit for my Minion-loving mom. She loves it!

The annual Christmas Carol Service is done for the year. Except for a major problem during the processional, it was really good. The bells were fantastic. Katie returned to direct us because our former director, Brian, had to leave his position while he's in seminary. (Yes, that's one of the rules- can't work at your home church while studying!) The youth/family choir (teens plus a few of their mothers) added so much- good voices and lots of enthusiasm. The children's choir has dwindled to almost nothing (three girls, and one moves up to youth choir next year), but they were good, too.

The reason for the lack of children in choir? It's that damn praise team service. They're taking away the kids for their own crap kid's choir. And it is crap. They're not learning church music at all. :( It's not right. The praise team is destroying the music program. People are actually leaving the church because of that service (why they don't just come to the traditional service, I don't know...). I wish something could be done. Our new pastor is so much more appreciative and supportive of the Sanctuary and bell choirs than the last pastor.
Tags: choir, christmas

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