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First project planned for 2016!

My first plan for 2016- a tea room for my mini American Girl dolls. I found this “shabby chic” (emphasis on the "shabby", lol!) terrarium at Hobby Lobby. It’s going to be sanded and repainted, and then I’ll put in a carpet or rug. I want to find some nice wicker furniture to put in the room. It’s so hard to find stuff in this scale. The wicker in the third photo is from a Madame Alexander set that’s really too big for AG Minis.

I used the Lori OG patio furniture for display until I've found the right furniture, etc. It's the right size, but really doesn't suit the house.

I think the tea room will suit Samantha and Nellie best! Big Samantha's original furniture (which I have) was wicker.

I think it will be painted white iniside and out, with pink and green accents. I picked this terrarium because it opens in the front as well as the top. With a little TLC and hard work, this will be a wonderful addition to my mini doll world!