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Here it comes...

Big snowstorm headed my way. Starting Friday and through Saturday, we're supposed to get over a foot of the white stuff, with possible blizzard conditions. Here comes the Snowpocalpyse!

Tonight there was a taste of what's coming- about an inch of snow has fallen, and the roads were too icy to drive on. I had to miss choir. And if the storm is going to be as big as predicted, I probably won't get to church on Sunday!

My poor azaleas...

I found some mini AG sized furniture for the tea room! Perfect size. I also picked some mini trees as decorations. Now I just need to paint the damned thing and find a rug!

So adorable.

And just right for the girls!



Jan. 24th, 2016 08:06 pm (UTC)
We're good. Got about two feet, but it was light and fluffy, and easily shoveled. The street's already been plowed, and a nice neighbor went around plowing everyone's driveways. If I knew who it was, I'd bake him cookies!

Power never went out. We had it better in Fredericksburg than most of the area.