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More f***ing snow.

We got about six inches yesterday. But the good news is, it almost all melted by this afternoon!

Got some nice photos, though. I put the gingerbread house from Christmas out for the birds, and it got covered with snow.

And I took Emma Louise out in her cute coat.

It was pretty out there.

Mom and I went to see Buddy- the Buddy Holly Story at the Riverside Theater. It was a fun show. We both really enjoyed it.

Got some cute stuff for Valentine's Day. Katie got me these cute Star Wars plushies:

And Mom and Dad gave me this set for my doll collection:

The cake stand is too cute! I can't wait to do a spring display for the dolls.

I've ordered a beautiful pink 50's style lace dress for Maryellen, which Emma Louise will borrow for Easter. :p

Comics talk- the solicitations for May from Marvel are out, and Hawkeye was missing. Black Knight is gone, must they take Hawkeye, too? I hope it's just a break. Meanwhile, the title of Black Knight's trade paperback is "The Fall of Dane Whitman". I hope that's not a hint about his fate. Of course, it's already been hinted that he'll be around.


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Feb. 17th, 2016 05:13 am (UTC)
I love the Itty Bitties from Hallmark! I have Chewbacca but it's the Christmas one so his bandolier looks like a candy cane.

How are the numbers for Hawkeye?

I really don't know but I do know Tumblr and it feels like everyone's been more excited about Hawkeye in other series than the actual Hawkeye series.

Then again, Fraction's series was a must buy and Lemire's has been...sometimes if the price is right or the cover is too good to pass up. I haven't enjoyed the whole rift between them or that it took so long to fix or making Kate into a ballerina or ignoring Susan?
Fraction ignored a lot of Kate's backstory as well but this feels...weirder somehow, like they're making new canon in a post Secret Wars era.

Do you do DC? Is We are Robin gone? I still need to catch up, only on #3.

Also, I'm not against Lemire as a writer in general. I love his Plutona.
Feb. 17th, 2016 06:15 am (UTC)
I thought the numbers for Hawkeye were pretty good. Not a huge seller, but good enough to hold on. Yeah, this volume has been hit or miss. But Hawkeye is my favorite character, so if it's any good at all, I'll read it!

Not into DC much, so I have no idea what's coming or going.
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