Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Easter photos!

First, my cake!

More under the cut.

And Mom's cake:

After dinner on Saturday- the whole gang.

Ella admires my cake:

Emmalynn with Sam:

Easter decorations:

Maryellen made these:

Easter services:

Marissa, Danny, Ella, and Elijah:

Erica, Emmalynn, and Ethan:

Close up of Emmalynn's cute dress:

She is such a good baby. So quiet during church! All the kids were good, and had fun at the egg hunt after the service.

Finally, I couldn't leave Emma Louise out of anything- she borrowed a dress from Maryellen (Maryellen the doll, not Katie's sister in law!) and got her own Easter basket!

It was a nice but exhausting weekend.

Tags: family stuff

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