Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Assorted Christmas Tree and doll photos.

What it says on the tin. Behind a cut because it's a lot.

Nerdmas tree! Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel, and more.

The doll tree. Got a new, white tree this year. Bigger, which is good, because the mini American Girl and mini Our Generation dolls keep multiplying. :p

New ornaments:

This may be my favorite Madame Alexander ornament yet!

The house is perfect for a dollhouse for mini Maryellen!

Baking cookies with Maryellen.

Yes, that's real dough. I used scraps from my cookies. And I actually baked them!

ME's party set-up!

Her tree has vintage Jewel Brite ornaments from the 50s, and some reproduction Shiny Brites.

The angel topper is the wax angel Katie bought for me when she lived in Germany. It's actually marked "West Germany"...this was a year before the Berlin Wall fell!

Emma Louise and Jess have their own little corner:

Most of the rest of the girls, except the ones who don't have Christmas outfits.

Samantha's new outfit.

Melody sits on top of the electric keyboard!

Finally, Mom and Dad's tree:

The now Two Wise Men. I still can't believe I broke the third. :(

Poor Rory is confused by it all. But he hasn't destroyed anything!

Will have more photos to post. The family is trying to make it a good Christmas for everyone. We're all missing Paul, but we're doing okay. The plan is to have a Christmas Eve luncheon with Katie and Sam in Richmond. Sam has to work two shifts at the station on Christmas Day, but Katie is staying overnight so they can have Christmas morning together. Then we're (minus Sam) going to the Christmas Day service at St. Paul's, and having Christmas Dinner at Katie's house. Giada is being boarded for those two days. Poor doggy! But there's going to be too much going back and forth to deal with her. She'll come home on Boxing Day.

The carol service went well. It's my last one at that church. Dad and I are officially leaving as soon as we're done with Christmas Eve services. I'm not sad about it. The church is unrecognizable to me now.

Tags: choir, christmas, family stuff, toys!

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