Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Atlanta trip.

Posting here because it's easier to post photos.

Train trip to Atlanta was fun, but long!

On the way...

Gabby didn't mind the bumpy ride.

Dinner was a bit late. Going to the dining car was fun. The Rotary group organizer planned a murder mystery game during dinner. My dad played a part, and was the killer! LOL!


8th floor hotel room. Gabby found it comfortable.


The tour was fun.

Breaking news as we were on the tour...

Not a real studio.

The World of Coca-Cola!

Another fun tour.

The Coca Cola secret formula, under lock and key. :p The alarms kept being set off by unsuspecting visitors!

The tasting room, where Cokes and other drinks from around the world could be sampled. Some were just plain gross. Coke bottles wizzed overhead the entire time!

Mom and Dad pose on a Coca Cola couch.

Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Centennial Olympic Park.

Sky View Atlanta.

The park is very peaceful.

The train trip home was awful. There was a three hour delay, and the snack bar and dining car were both closed, so no one got any dinner. And I was sick. I spent half the trip sick, including a trip to Urgent Care. Not fun. But overall, I had fun- good tours and mostly good food, and a nice look at the city.
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