Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Going to be posting here again.

Mostly because it's a pain in the ass to post pictures on Dreamwidth, and Photobucket is now charging $400 a year for the privilege of linking photos. Ugh. So here I'm going to post photos and family updates, and dreamwidth will be silly stuff.

Major rant ahead:

I have a new reason to hate the Trump administration- Rick Perry is destroying the Department of Energy. My late brother-in-law, Paul, worked for the DOE, and his colleagues have stayed in touch with my sister this past year. They told her 75 people are going to lose their jobs this fall, including many in the top of the department. Paul worked in the highest levels there, right under the Secretary of Energy. These are people, like Paul, who have Phd.s, the ones who do research on energy, alternative energy, and safety of nuclear power plants, oil refineries, etc. Before Paul got sick, he had to make frequent business trips to nuclear sites to inspect their safety plans. His job was pretty fucking important, and it's one of the ones being cut.  Perry's predecessor, Ernest Moniz, is a genius, and the Secretary before him, Steven Chu, won a Nobel Prize in Physics. And now idiot Perry who doesn't know jack shit about energy is in charge and is ruining it. Paul would flip in his grave if he knew. He probably would have quit if he'd lived- he could have made a shit ton of money in the private sector but chose public service. The anti-intellectualism growing in this country is disgusting, and I fear for the future.
Rant over.

The good stuff this week- I finally saw Wonder Woman. Oh, my God. It was so good. It may have knocked The Avengers out of my top superhero movie spot. Gal Gadot was perfect as Diana. I'm actually looking forward to Justice League now! See that, Marvel? A woman CAN carry a superhero movie by herself. Give us a Black Widow movie NOW. Captain Marvel isn't enough. Give us She-Hulk while you're at it, too.

And a cute thing this week- picked up one of American Girl's Wellie Wishers, Emerson. She is so adorable. But I've renamed her Missy, so she can "play the part" of Ivy's little sister.

Big and little sisters!

Tags: family stuff, movies, politics, toys!
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