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Wow. I need to post more.

Funny how Iately I only post when something terrible happened in the world. I'm still in shock about what happened in Las Vegas last night. One man with automatic weapons shot at a crowd of 20,000 concert goers from his 32nd floor hotel room...he killed at least 59 (it will likely go up) and injured over 500. How does anybody get the idea in his head to do something like this? And no, it's not ISIS. This was a middle aged, rich white guy. Not a Muslim. No known ties to any terrorist groups. Motive is totally unknown, and his family and friends are baffled.

I was asleep or just drifting off to sleep when I got an alert on my phone, which I'd forgotten to mute. Just like with the Orlando shooting last year, I kept turning on the news, try to sleep again, turn on the news again to find out things got worse. I didn't think anything would top Orlando. I couldn't imagine any attack by one person could be worse. But I thought the same thing after Columbine, after Virginia Tech, after Sandy Hook. And now the usual platitudes of "thoughts and prayers" and "it's not the time to discuss gun control" conversations are happening. Don't get me started on Trump's "Warmest condolences" Tweet this morning. This needs to stop.

ETA: Oh, and Tom Petty died today at 66, from a heart attack. Another great musician gone.
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