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Massive photo posts coming.

I'm so far behind in posting! I have a lot of photos from the summer to share. I'll break them up into categories- Garden and Critters (which will include Rory and Giada); The Dolls; Crafts; Family events (birthdays, etc.); and Stuff I Did This Summer. And there are some early fall photos, too. Nothing will be in order, but I'll try to include when they were taken.

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  • mollybarton
    26 May 2022, 22:07
    No. They love the tons of money they get from the NRA! Don't want to piss them off, no sir. Just sickening.
  • mollybarton
    22 Jun 2020, 19:15
    It may not have been jail. I wasn't totally banned from the site. I just wasn't allowed to post. They may just have thought I was hacked.
  • mollybarton
    22 Jun 2020, 18:25
    So you still don't know why they threw you in FB jail.

    Typical. How do they expect one to "toe the line" if you don't know what you "did wrong?"
  • mollybarton
    22 Jun 2020, 07:22
    It was just weird. I've been back for two days now.
  • mollybarton
    22 Jun 2020, 06:17
    I got thrown in FB jail for having T'Bonz in my name. This was a few years ago. Note that it had been in my name for SIX YEARS.

    All I could figure is that someone from the BBS was pissed at me and…
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