Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Garden and Critters!

Mom had wonderful flowers in her garden this summer. And there were many cute little visitors this year, including another nest with house finch chicks!

It's fun to watch the babies hatch and grow! There were three this year.

They left the nest while I was in D.C. with Mom, Katie, and Aunt Pauletta.

This cute little toad took up residence in another hanging plant!

A blue-tailed skink sunning on the deck. Normally, they are very shy and scurry away when people are around, but this little guy posed for me!

This little froggy got caught between the glass and screen on the porch door. He hopped away happy after I freed him. I don't know how he got there.

Chasing the same butterfly across the garden...

Now the flowers. An assortment of lilies, dahlias, zenias, cleomes, sunflowers, and climbing roses. The last photo is an okra plant!

Mom's dahlias were the best she's ever had. And the cleomes took over the garden!

Random garden and critter related photos. Sunset in the summer, Fourth of July fireworks, a nasty downpour I got caught in, Rory, and the neighbor's kitten.

Tags: garden, rory
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