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Stuff I Did This Summer.

What it says on the tin. My annual (almost) D.C. trip with Mom and Aunt Pauletta, and this year Katie. We were able to get tickets to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. It was amazing, almost overwhelming. We also went to the National Gallery, which had a special exhibit of 19th century paintings on loan from a museum in Kansas City. This was late July. In August, Mom and I went with a group to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to see a special traveling exhibit of Yves St. Laurent's fashions and papers. I loved it! That same week, Katie and I went to a Nats/Mets game. The Nats won!

D.C. trip- some favorite photos from the week. I have more on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

The African American museum.

Jackie Robinson exhibit.

Chuck Berry's Cadillac.

You get a museum! And you get a museum! Oprah Winfrey's couch.

We got caught in a sudden rainstorm as we were leaving the museum. It cleared up on our way to our hotel...and there was a glorious rainbow above the Capitol Building!

National Gallery. There were several people with easles throughout the museum. I don't know if they were students or workers.

This painting is by Gari Melchers, who was one of the most famous American painters from the late 19th century. His mansion, Belmont, is in Fredericksburg. I've lived here for 20 plus years and still have never gone!

I recognized this painting in an unusual way- it had a cameo in The Day After, which took place in Kansas City! There was a scene with a main character visiting the museum. Of course, this painting and the rest of the museum (not to mention the city and its people) got nuked halfway through the movie. :p Pointless trivia FTW!

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond.

Paper dolls St. Laurent did as a teenager.

Collection boards. I loved this part of the show.

Finally, Katie and I took in a game at Nats Park.

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