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The Dolls!

I did a few cute photo shoots, and there were some new additions!

First of all- Nanea was my belated birthday present- I got her a full month after the release date. I got mini Nanea at about the same time!

New outfits and accessories for several of the girls...

School outfit and a doll-sized Etch-a-Sketch for Melody!

Maryellen gets the rollerskating outfit, but I didn't get the skate set with it. I just re-used the skates from another outfit.

A new mini version of Felicity!

A cute mini scooter from Our Generation's Lori collection. Gabby is riding it!

Big Gabby has a cute new outfit from Our Generation, and a little trumpet that came with it!

A new Christmas dress for Kit, and a travel outfit modeled by Jess.

Finally, a mini egg chair for mini Julie! A full sized version will be available soon (Wal-Mart's My Life As dolls). Good, because I can't afford the AG version of Julie's chair!