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I've had at least five migraines in the past three weeks, including two in a row that lasted an entire weekend. When I go to get my meds refilled, I'll ask my doctor what might be happening.

One more outfit is on the way for Luciana! I decided on her casual Space Camp outfit. I won't be able to use my remaining gift card balance for the jumpsuit (or accessories) until I get my ten dollar AG Rewards code. I was five dollars short for the second part of my order, and for some reason, the site won't let you add your regular card to cover the difference. I've never seen a store that did that.

Choir practice was short last night. Our director was out sick, and our substitute (an alto who sometimes plays piano for us) didn't want to keep us long because it was so cold. So we practiced the hymns and anthem for Sunday. Hooray for easy music. Last week, when the sopranos practiced two different descants, I was the only one who could sing the highest notes (high B on one, high B flat on the other). The director said, "You are not allowed to ever get sick again!" She's really glad someone can sing that high. I'm surprised I could sing it so well after being sick most of December! Big confidence boost there.
Tags: choir, health woes, toys!
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