Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Aw, these guys.

Thank you, Tumblr, for reviving my Master and Commander obsession. And for reminding me of my favorite bromance- Pullings and Mowett. My brotp! No, I don't ship them (despite the horrible slash fan fic I wrote on a dare a decade ago). They are BROS. It's not as obvious in the film (though James and Ed are adorable in their scenes together), but their friendship is pretty strong in the books.

Awww, these guys...what cuties. Although Mowett looks kind of like a Muppet in the second photo...

And one more of Mowett that I'd never seen before (from behind the scenes, maybe?):

Looks almost like he's napping on duty. Or composing some of his poetry? Or, as I call it, Mowet-try? :p

I re-watched the special features on the M&C DVD, and noticed some nice behind the scenes stuff I somehow missed before, such as Ed scurrying up the rigging, and James mentioning that heights weren't his thing (with Ed in the background agreeing).

Well, the Oscar nominations are out, and Mom and I are not going to do the AMC Oscar Showcase this year. It's too expensive and takes up two Saturdays. We're going to see as many of the movies by themselves as we can. Mom watched Get Out on DVD and loved it. I've only seen The Shape of Water (and yes, Sally got her Best Actress nomination!). All of the movies are back in theaters...I am definitely going to see Dunkirk because I've heard it's best seen on the big screen. Plus, James D'Arcy is in it, an added bonus.
Tags: fangirl rants/squees, m&c, movies

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