Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Getting ready...

I had my pre-surgery testing done yesterday. I'm good to go on Monday morning. I did a bit of research about my surgery and I'm a little less nervous.

I'm still not eating much. Mom and Dad took me to the Cheesecake Factory after the tests, and I only managed to eat two little slices of my pizza. It sure tasted good, though, and I didn't feel sick after. I even took a slice of cheesecake home, just taking one or two tiny bites at a time. We did some shopping at Dillard's after dinner. I got new slippers and two new nightgowns for my hospital stay, and a new Betsey Johnson purse.

So the plan is on Monday, Mom and Dad will take me to Richmond and stay until I'm awake. Dad will go home and take care of my cat, and Mom will stay with me in my room. Katie is going to come down at night to visit, and our pastor is stopping by on Tuesday. Based on past reactions to anesthesia, I'm probably not going to remember who comes and goes the first 24 hours after surgery!
Tags: health woes
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