Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

More worries.

Not me this time. I just found out that my cousin Rachel is having a hysterectomy next week. When it rains, it pours. My family is full of ladies with broken or sick parts. Debbie is another cousin who's had a hysterectomy. Katie is having fibroids out this spring. And there's me, with my surgery tomorrow. So far, cousins Alison and Amelia have been spared of the apparent family curse. Sarah is adopted, so she's not included. Well, technically Rachel is too, but her mom has had similar problems.

I just took my last pre-surgery medicine, magnesium citrate. It wasn't bad, kind of like cherry limeade. But it's sooooo tart. It took me an hour to drink it all down. Now I'm on the no solid food part of preperation. If I get hungry before midnight, I can have a lemon popsicle or Jell-O. Then I have to shower and wipe down with those awful cloths. I probably won't sleep tonight, but hey, I'll be knocked out for at least two hours (surgery is supposed to take just over an hour).
Tags: family stuff, health woes
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