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Home and safe.

It took a while to get checked out. I had a bunch of things to learn about before leaving. Such as how damn much I've swollen up from the I.V. drip! I can't fit into my underwear. The nurse said that would go away soon- I just need to walk frequently and drink a lot of water. I'm a little shaky post drip, and I can't get my replacement Percoset until tomorrow. Stupid pharmacy closed early.

I came home to many get-well gifts and cards...and a very angry cat. At first Rory ignored me, and now he is sleeping at my feet. Sweet baby.

I managed to eat half a bowl of chicken and wild rice soup from Panera Bread. So far it's staying down. The family St. Patrick's Day dinner is tomorrow, and probably for the first time in my adult life, I can't do anything to help, not even peel potatoes. Too weak to stand for a long time. I probably won't be eating, either.

The next week will be spent resting (including walking) and recovering at home. The staples will come out Thursday or Friday. Then I have to wait and see.

I'm very grateful for the support I've gotten IRL and online. Again, thank God for my mom, and also for my sister. The hospital staff was amazing, too.