Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

More progress.

I actually got dressed and went out yesterday. I just did a Target run to get stuff for Easter, and also a few errands with my dad. I was out for about an hour, and that was enough. I was so tired!

I didn't go to church on Sunday, but I am determined to go on Easter. If I get tired, I can nap at Katie's house between church and Easter dinner. She lives less than a mile from our church, so that's the plan.

Tuesday after Easter is my follow-up with my surgeon. He should have the pathologist's report, and with that, a plan for treatment. He's still sure the surgery got the cancer (it was located in the ovarian tumor), but I'll probably need some kind of chemo. Meanwhile the incision has pretty much healed and the pain is gone.
Tags: fuck cancer, health woes
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