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All set.

I start chemotherapy on May 8th. My genetic test was done, but the results won't come in for six weeks.

I'm taking two drugs, Taxol and Carboplatin. It's a five-hour infusion (makes it sound like I'm a tea bag! LOL), once every 21 days for six cycles. I'll be done by mid-September! I am very likely going to lose my hair. My info packet included a catalog for wigs, hats, and hair wraps. I also got a care package from a support group. It had socks, a water bottle, a flannel throw, and other things that will be useful during the treatments. Mom and I will go down the day before each cycle for a visit with my doctor and a blood test, then we'll stay the night at the guest house because each treatment starts early.

Friday I'm having minor surgery to have a port for the chemo put in. That's not going to be fun. So much for my plan of seeing Avengers: Infinity War this weekend!

Getting ready to take the next step in kicking cancer's ass!