Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Two more days.

My first round of chemo is Tuesday. I'm as prepared as I can be. I tried to have as much fun as I could this weekend, because I have no idea how I'll react to the chemo. I could be fine, or I could be so sick or fatigued (or both) that I'll be stuck in bed.

I did manage to have some fun. Last night, I went to my sister's handbell concert. A few of us went downtown after for a late dinner. Good concert, great food and company. Today I baked treats for the church coffee hour tomrrow. Then I baked "Derby" pies for the Kentucky Derby. The race itself was fun to watch, if a bit muddy. And the horse I was rooting for, Justify, won! I'll have to slow down a bit tomorrow. Just church, the coffee hour, lunch. Then home and cuddle time with the cat. Poor Rory has an appointment with the vet Monday. He's been a bit depressed lately. I wonder if he understands that I'm sick. Giada knew that Paul was sick. Pets are very observant.

A couple of pics I meant to post earlier: The chemo goody bag, a first rose, yet another new Betsey Johnson purse, and the tea cakes I baked today.:
Sweet little tea cakes that I baked for my church's coffee hour tomorrow. Yellow cake with lemon glaze. Yum.

First fully opened rose! #gardensofinstagram #garden #roses

Went to Macy's today and found this Betsey Johnson purse in the Last Act pile. $27! It's a larger version of my velvet phone purse.

The support group goody bag and its contents. I guess teal is the color for ovarian cancer awareness. I think the things that will be really useful are the ginger candies and water bottle.
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