Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Day 4 after chemo.

I am tired. I am so fucking tired. A walk in the garden almost did me in. I'm still having leg pain, but it's not as bad as the tiredness.

Katie brought lunch over, which was nice, but I'm afraid I wasn't much company because I was so tired! At least I was able to eat.

Got a treat in the mail today- Luciana's flight suit, which I'd ordered in March! It's so cute.
Got a treat in the mail today. Luciana's flight suit! I ordered it ages ago. #americangirldoll #lucianavega

Mom ordered Bald Mini-Me today.

ETA: Didn't feel like eating dinner tonight. And now Coke and ginger ale taste bad. Phooey.
Tags: fuck cancer, health woes, toys!
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