Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

It begins...

My hair is beginning to fall out. Not in clumps, but in multiple strands. It looks like what I have in my hairbrush after a week. This came out in about ten minutes:

My hair is starting to fall out. This was in the last ten minutes. :( #chemotherapy #chemo #ovariancancer

I feel like crying. I knew it was coming. I know losing my hair is a small price to pay for fighting cancer, but it's still upsetting to see so much falling out. I'll get a wig and some scarves this week. I have an exam and blood test this Thursday, before my second round of chemo next Tuesday.
Tags: fuck cancer, health woes
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May 22 2018, 07:17:56 UTC 1 year ago

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This must be upsetting. I get annoyed with mine for falling out, and that's not even cancer related. You're going to get through this, and it will grow back. :)