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Two weeks.

Two weeks have passed since round one of chemo started. I'm doing okay, despite the fact that my hair has started falling out. I know what to expect now when round two begins next Tuesday.

I got a lovely get well present from a TrekBBS friend yesterday. She made this sweet mouse for me!

Look what my friend Mary Ann sent me! So cute. I'll take her with me to my next chemo appointment.

I'll take Miss Mousie to my next infusion. Bald Mini Me won't be here yet.

I'm doing a lot of coloring and some cross stitching to keep busy and to keep my mind off things. Coloring is especially helpful.

I cooked dinner tonight. Wegmans sells green tomatoes, so I had fried green tomato BLTs. I'm so proud of how they turned out (delicious):

Fried green tomato BLT. My favorite summer sandwich! #friedgreentomatoes #southerncooking

Yum. I love to cook.