Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Round one of chemo is done.

Round two begins next Tuesday. Today I had my pre-infusion exam and blood test. I saw a PA instead of my oncologist, but he'd seen me before and knows what's going on. He said everything looks good health wise, and despite the hair loss, I look normal and pretty healthy. I'm good to go on Tuesday. Any changes in my blood, they'll let me know.

Mom and Dad took me to lunch and a small shopping spree at Dillard's. Two new Betsey Johnson necklaces! Short Pump is such a nice mall. There are fountains everywhere and even a koi pond. It was just what I needed today. I love watching koi:

Big fishy!

Koi pond at Short Pump in Richmond.

A good day, but I was out far longer than I should have been and I'm very tired. Also, I noticed a bald spot forming. My hair is falling out faster now.

Finally: Go, Caps! Get that Stanley Cup for D.C.!
Tags: d.c., fuck cancer, health woes, shopping!
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