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Day 5, round 2.

I'm having a very bad day. I'm feeling sick, exhausted, and weak. I could barely get out of bed earlier. I felt a little better after lunch, but I'm still feeling weak. I'm not doing as well with this round of chemo as I thought.

ETA: I had my first real bout with nausea tonight. It lasted only a couple of minutes, but it felt like the worst car sickness I've ever had. Very unpleasant, but at least I didn't throw up.

My day was crappy, but I got a nice surprise at the end of it. Mom brought me a present after church- a wonderful lap quilt that two ladies from choir made for me. They had started working on it back when I was in the hospital.

I got a nice surprise tonight. Two ladies from the choir made this wonderful lap quilt for me! They had been working on it since I was in the hospital in March. #quilting #quilt

The reverse is soft flannel, and it's small enough for me to take to my next round of chemo.