Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Good day, bad day.

Yesterday wasn't too terrible. I was up and around most of the day, kept busy, and was actually hungry for lunch. I thought I might be through the worst of it.

Then today happened. I had pain like never before, from my hips to my toes. The pain made me weak.
I had a hard time getting up and moving. And I had no appetite. No real nausea, at least. Today was a pretzel and cereal eating day. Nothing else appealed.

More hair is falling out. How much do I have, anyway? It keeps coming, but I'm still not bald.

The thing that bugged me- Rory avoided me today. I know cats can smell and sense things that humans can't. Could I have a strange new chemo smell? He acted liked he wanted to get away from me.
Tags: fuck cancer, health woes, rory
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