Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Round six, the final round, begins!

I'M FREE! My last chemotherapy session was today. So far I feel great. I am mostly bald now! But my oncologist and his nurses tell me I look great, and they're happy with how well I've done. I have a year of quarterly scans, blood tests, and follow-up visits to look forward to before I can be declared cancer-free. But it looks like I'll be fine!

Some photos- Mom and I were put in yet another room at the guest house, and this one had its own balcony! Isobel liked it.

The last bag of Carboplatin. This one was smaller than the last. The Taxol was the same amount.

Ringing the bell to announce that I've finished chemo! Isobel "rang" it, too.

My dad has a group photo of me with the nurses, volunteers, and other staff. I'll post that one later.

I'm so happy to be finished with chemo. I will probably have to go back in for hydration infusions next week, but no more drugs!

I'm so grateful for the continued support of my family, church, and my friends, both real life and online. I don't think I would have made it otherwise, especially if I didn't have my mom.
Tags: fuck cancer, health woes
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