Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

When will it be enough?

Just this week: A white man shot and killed two black people in Louisville (at the Kroger where my cousin Sarah shops). Spared a white shopper because "whites don't shoot whites". Throughout the week, pipe bombs were sent to Trump critics- including former Presidents Obama and Clinton, CNN's New York headquarters, and members of Congress. The "MAGA-bomber" was a big Trump supporter. Thank God none of the bombs went off. And just this morning, a synagogue in Pittsburgh was shot up, with at least 8 dead (expected to go up). The shooter surrendered, and is reported to have said "Jews must die".

The hate and division in this country gets worse every day. Trump's anti-press, anti-Democrat rants aren't helping. I am so afraid something is going to happen on Election Day. But we have to vote. Vote blue. It's our only hope.

ETA: 11 dead, 6 wounded in Pittsburgh. 4 of the wounded are police officers.
Tags: news, people suck, politics
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