Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

In happier news...

Thanksgiving plans are starting to take form. Charleston,
SC, here I come! I'm going down with Katie a day early to take stuff to Sam. Mom and Dad will come a day later. Sam's house is much nicer than the one he didn't get. It's a fairly new house made to look like an old Charleston home. It will be just six of us- Mom and Dad, Katie, me, Sam, and his girlfriend (also named Katie! Lol.). I think we're going to have dinner catered, but I'll make a couple of my pies to take. We'll do a little sight-seeing the rest of the week. It should be fun!

The problem is that I'll only get to see Sam once or twice a year now. I'm suddenly glad he didn't get the Seattle or Denver jobs!
Tags: family stuff, travel
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