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Nats fall in Game Five.

Houston Astros now lead the Series 3-2. Tomorrow it's do or die for the Nats.
Ya know, I wasn't really expecting the Nats to win their first ever World Series. I was just hoping they'd put up more of a fight. But there's still hope! Remember the '86 Mets.

That said, if it had been the Cards, Phillies, or Braves in the Series, I'd be all for the Astros. ;) So win win for me. I want the Nats to win, but I'm perfectly fine with the Astros winning.

Teams I'll root for any time in the NL: Nats/Mets (tied for first), Rockies, Cubs, sometimes the Dodgers. Hell no: Cardinals, Phillies, Braves, Giants.

AL teams I'm okay with: Astros, Angels, Mariners, Orioles (gotta support the local boys). Hell no: Yankees (Those Damn Yankees!), Red Sox.
Tags: baseball, colorado, d.c., mets, nats, new york
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