Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

A little bit of Christmas stuff.

Christmas 2019 was a bit less festive this year. Katie left before Christmas Eve to have Christmas with Sam in Charleston, then went to North Carolina to take care of George. He's making very slow progress, but does well when Katie's there. She's been down there with Giada for three weeks.

I spent most of December at Katie's house watching Giada, until she left for the Carolinas. I didn't get a lot of time to bake and decorate this year. We still had a nice Christmas and New Year's Eve. The trees looked great once I finished them, and I was able to get my cookie gifts done. Many nice presents this year. I hated not having Katie (and Giada) around, though. I'll post some pictures later.

Katie and Giada are coming home tomorrow. Katie will go back to George after a few days, but Giada is staying home, meaning I get to dog sit again. Fine with me, I love that dog!

I had leftover Christmas/dog sitting money, so I decided to go ahead and buy American Girl's Girl of the Year, Joss. She arrived today and I totally love her!

She has a hearing aid!

I was bullied as a kid because of my hearing aid. I would have loved a doll like Joss then.

Quick Fuck Cancer update: My next quarterly check up is on February 4th. I'll probably have to have a scan, because it's been a year since the last one. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything continues to be clear!
Tags: christmas, family stuff, fuck cancer, pet sitting, toys!

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