Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Knew this was coming.

But it still sucks. The Masterworks season has been cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. No rehearsals, no June concert. This will be the fourth spring Masterworks I've missed since I joined, but at least this time it's not my fault! I was sick in 2017 (in hindsight, it was likely related to the cancer), undergoing chemo in 2018, and recovering from surgery last year.

Speaking of chemo, I got a sobering reminder of how dangerous it is out there for anyone who is currently undergoing or recently finished chemotherapy. If COVID-19 had happened in 2018 and I had caught it, it probably would have killed me. It's distressing to think that people with cancer have this additional worry.
Tags: choir, covid19, fuck cancer, health woes, social distancing, well this sucks

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