Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Keeping busy.

Going stir crazy with the stay at home order, but at least I have my dolls and crafts to keep me busy!

I started collecting a new series of dolls- Na! Na! Na! Surprise. I have seven of the twelve out.

My American Girls continue to be spoiled. Maryellen has a new school outfit- a VERY belated Christmas present from Mom- it was backordered and just arrived this week!

Melody has a new Easter outfit:

And Joss has her surfboard.

I'm not that excited about Hairdorables series 4. There are only a few I want.

Easter is really going to suck. Church is online only, and we can't have a big family dinner. I did a lot of Easter crafts anyway- mostly using plush Peeps!

I had so much fun making these. I'm working on a Peeps wreath, too.

So far, I'm surviving this social distancing. I've had a lot of practice these past two years, with all the surgery and chemotherapy! I'm going to be okay.
Tags: covid19, crafty!, fuck cancer, social distancing, toys!
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