Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Little steps!

My first little outing since the lockdown began. Katie and I went for a long drive to two wineries to pick up her orders. It was a nice drive, and a nice break from being stuck at home. We wore our matching Mets masks. I wish I'd gotten a photo! One of the wines we brought home was used in a virtual wine tasting. That was interesting!

It was so pretty yesterday.

Narmada Winery. I've never been here. When they resume tastings, I want to come back.

Gray Ghost Winery. I've been here before. This time they had a small event with live music. Very nice. They were packed, but had plenty of room for everyone to keep a good distance. No tastings at the winery, of course, but they hosted a virtual tasting later that day.


It was a very good wine. Gray Ghost wines usually are good. I prefer the whites over the reds, so I'm glad that was the tasting wine.

It was a pretty good day. I miss going on short day trips, especially with my sister.

More babies hatched today! There are four now. One to go!

Tags: covid19, family stuff, social distancing
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