Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Back to regular life, sort of.

I had my hair cut on Friday! It was weird going to my hairdresser in a mask, but that's what we have to do. There were only two stations open, so the six-feet-apart rule was easy to follow.

It was almost a relief to have my hair done! Before and after:

Back at home, I made another mesh wreath! This time it was with Hairdorables. All but one of the dolls were duplicates that I had.

I'm designing a Curious George wreath for my dad for Father's Day!

Meanwhile, in less happy news, the COVID-19 death toll is now above 100,000. And it continues to rise. I'm still mostly staying home, only going out for groceries. I did have to dog sit Giada this week, because Katie had a brief trip to a friend's house for a very small (three people) gathering. I'd really missed that dog, so that was fun.
Tags: covid19, crafty!, pet sitting, social distancing, toys!

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