Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Yet another doll post!

Images of Courtney, the 80s girl, have leaked. She's cute. Her outfit is definitely 80s. Her accessories include a tiny Walkman and cassettes!

Mom is going to get her for my birthday, or rather, a gift card to buy her when she's released. So a belated birthday present!

Meanwhile, I bought an early birthday present for myself- one of the new Truly Me dolls.

I picked this one because she has a beautiful dark skin tone and the Addy face. She is going to be an 80s girl so Courtney will have a friend. Her name will be Monica. She has big 80s hair!

Finally, I made a "rainbow" with some of my dolls for Pride. I saw a lot of collectors posting similar photos on Instagram.

Tags: nostalgia attack!, toys!
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