Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Quarantine-nails. Quarantinails?

Just some of the nail polish strips I've used since the lockdown began.

I'm honestly not feeling great. I'm going to have a lot to talk about when I see my oncologist next month. I've been having stomach and back pains similar to the ones that sent me to the ER two years ago. They don't last long, but it bothers me. I've also been feeling more depressed than usual, and it's not just about being stuck at home. I have a follow-up with my regular doctor (or the PA) next week. I'll bounce my concerns off of them and see what they think before getting worried. At the worst, I'll probably have to have another scan and more blood tests.

I hope to hell I don't have a new tumor or a failed hernia repair. The last thing I want during the COVID-19 pandemic is more surgery, or, God forbid, more chemo.

Did I mention the insomnia and many migraines I've had this month? I'm probably just worrying about nothing.
Tags: covid19, fuck cancer, health woes
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