Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Seriously, fuck 2020.

Katie's biopsy results are in. She has to go in to discuss them tomorrow. They don't call you in unless it's something. God dammit. Can't 2020 give us a break? If it's breast cancer, I don't know how our parents are going to take it (especially Mom). One daughter with cancer (me) was bad enough. I don't think they could stand it if both of us have it.

And what really sucks is that because of COVID-19, we can't go with her when she needs treatment. I know that if Mom hadn't been able to stay with me when I was in the hospital, I probably wouldn't have made it.

Crossing my fingers that whatever it is, it's benign and she'll only need surgery to remove it.
Tags: family stuff, fuck cancer, health woes
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