Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Another birthday girl!

We celebrated Katie's birthday today. Chinese take out and a chocolate chip cookie cake that I baked.

This is the safest way to blow out candles in the COVID-19 era:

Frankly, the tradition of blowing out the candles is pretty gross, when you really think about it!

Yummy cake.

I dog sat for her over the weekend so she could go out with her friend. She had a great time. Good thing, because next week she starts treatment. I'm staying with her the night after her lumpectomy (outpatient surgery), then our mom will take over while I go to my appointment with my own oncologist. Sometimes, sisters shouldn't share everything! We both need good thoughts, but she needs them more as she's at the beginning of her cancer journey.
Tags: covid19, family stuff, fuck cancer
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