Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

More good news.

I had my follow-up with the oncologist today. Once again, everything looks fine, and I don't have to go back until February! Two full years in remission now. The worries I had earlier this month were really nothing, but it was a good idea to discuss them. I know what to look for if anything changes.

Meanwhile, I'm spending an extra night at Katie's. She's mostly tired and in some pain, but she's managing well so far. She just needs help with the dog. I'm going home after dinner tomorrow. Sam is coming up from Charleston this weekend, so that's good.

The flowers Dad and I got for Katie:

Her favorite color is purple, so I knew these would cheer her up.

I'm so sick of COVID-19. It's making everything so hard. Checking in at the hospital for my appointment today was a chore. And I couldn't do my usual after-appointment Dillard's run! They're open, but I just don't want to risk going to a mall yet. I did go to Barnes and Noble and Target, though. Quick trips. I got a couple of magazines and two more new Hairdorables! That was just a bit of fun. I needed a little treat after being so worried about my follow-up.

My newest additions- Saige and Bella.

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