Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

The latest.

Katie is meeting with her oncologist next week. She talked to her regular doctor today. The tumor had doubled in size from the time it was detected to its removal last week. It was still small, but aggressive. Triple negative. Not the best news, because she will need chemo after all. But her prognosis is excellent. She'll have a port put in like I did for my chemo. She's not sure what kind of drugs she will have to take. Hopefully we'll know soon when she can start treatment.

I'm worried about COVID-19. Chemo wreaks havoc on the immune system. We're all going to have to be extra careful now.

Today Katie and I went for a drive with our dad and stopped for ice cream. We were wearing our matching Mets masks!

We were at Moo Thru. They're serious about social distancing!

It was a chilly and rainy day. Perfect start to September. Ugh.
Tags: covid19, family stuff, fuck cancer
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