Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

November is coming to an end...

Another month and this horrible year will be over. I'm staying with Katie a lot as she goes through her weekly sessions of Taxol. She's doing okay, but she's tired and needs me to walk Giada. I'm going to be with her at Christmas, because it's right after her treatment that week. Good thing, because Sam isn't coming home like he planned. He technically could, but doesn't want to risk getting COVID-19 from his fellow travelers, and doesn't want to take any chances while his mom is on chemo! A sad but wise choice.

Covid has really ruined everything. We had a nice, small Thanksgiving dinner at Katie's house- just me, Katie, Mom and Dad, and Giada (Rory, of course, stayed home!). Turkey breast instead of a whole bird, fewer sides, fewer pies. Everything was delicious and we had a nice afternoon of watching football. Washington had a great game and beat Dallas! Katie overdid things, though, and was extra tired the rest of the week.

A few photos of Thanksgiving Day:

Giada loves turkey! She wouldn't leave us alone during dinner.

Still had plenty of pies plus a pumpkin roll!

Funny napkins Katie put on the table:

My avatar from Facebook:

Finally, two photos to close out November. A surprise iris in Mom's garden, and Giada being extra lovey-dovey with me.

Tags: covid19, family stuff, fuck cancer, social distancing

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