Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Christmas is coming!

Christmas 2020 preparations are underway! My trees are decorated, but most of my dolls aren't set up yet. I bought two new holiday dresses. McKenna and Monica model them:

Maryellen has a new tree. I wanted an aluminum tree, but they're expensive even in the small size. I settled for a tinsel tree. I added bubble lights to my vintage/vintage look ornaments!

Had a lot of fun decorating. My garlands needed a lot of untwisting.

My trees- the Trek-mas tree, Barbie tree, doll tree, Beanie Baby tree, and Hello Kitty tree:

Detail from the doll tree:

Pandemic or no pandemic, nothing stops Whittingham's from doing their display windows.

Katie hasn't needed me as much the last two weeks. She's mostly tired, and has been able to walk Giada on her own. Last week, she only needed me two days. I was able to get my decorating done, so going back to her house won't be a problem. Her fourth session of Taxol is Wednesday.

Next week, cookies!
Tags: christmas, covid19, fuck cancer, toys!

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