Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

More Christmas stuff!

Another cookie house, and more doll Christmas displays.

Courtney admires the Disney and Barbie cookie houses!

All dressed up in front of a tree! Courtney doesn't have a holiday dress, so she's borrowing Samantha's original dress. It reminds me of Gunne Sax holiday dresses for girls in the 80s.

I had limited time and space for displays this year, so I dressed up the coffee shop a bit.

Isobel had to wear Ralphie's bunny suit again this year.

Still spending most of my time at Katie's house. She's still doing okay, though she's had nosebleeds a couple of times. I had those during chemo, too. Not fun.

Christmas Eve will be online, and one of Katie's friends is joining us. Mom and Dad are bringing Red Lobster for dinner, then we'll watch our church service and the National Cathedral service later. Christmas Day, we're having country ham, which we haven't done in years.
Tags: christmas, family stuff, fuck cancer, toys!

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