Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

With all of the crap going on today, I forgot that my sister had another chemo session. She's been doing great for the last two infusions and hasn't needed my help. She's just tired. Once she starts her radiation therapy in February, she'll probably need me more.

I forgot to do my 2020 Fuck Cancer round-up. There's not much. I had two appointments, one in February, the other in August. Both were clear! Two full years of remission. The third anniversary of the start of my ovarian cancer journey is coming up in March, but I now know it likely really began in 2016 if not earlier. That was when I first noticed that there was something off about my cycle (extremely heavy some months, skipped the next, etc.), but I wrote it off as perimenopause. I really should have known.

My port scar hurt today. It hasn't hurt in three months. I wonder if it was stress from watching the news today.

Tags: fuck cancer

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