Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Why I love to cross stitch...

So many designers out there who are quick to make charts based on current events. This is a Prudence Kitch design, which appeared on her site the day after the Capitol assault. I finished it last night.

I felt a bit better after stitching this.

As if I needed more reasons to feel old, this past weekend was the 30th anniversary of the start of Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. I was a sophomore in college. My dad had just retired from the Army six months earlier. He probably would have been called up if he hadn't. Obviously not for combat! They would have sent him over and stuck him behind a desk. And today is the 30th anniversary of the end of Eastern Airlines. I still miss them! Time flies. (Unfortunately, Eastern doesn't. Ba-dum-tish.)

Adding a doll photo because I need something cheerful to post- here is Courtney with her pet guinea pig!

Tags: cross stitch, nostalgia attack!, politics, toys!

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